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ISO Cutting Planter 4000

After the ISO Cutting Planter 4000 introduced in 2009, there is newly designed ISO Cutting Planter 4000 available since 2021. The same quality machine but with a higher output and more ingenious gripper technology. But still with the aim of alleviating the heavy monotonous manual work of cutting stitches. Thanks to ISO Group's unique solution, planting of unrooted cuttings can be automated within your company.

One person can operate up to 7 machines, significantly increasing work performance within your company. Due to the new gripper technique, each cutting is placed equally deep, so that there is perfect uniformity in the planting results. The operator places the unrooted cuttings on the belt in an unordered way. The belt shakes the cuttings loose so that individual cuttings can be located. The robot then picks up the cuttings one by one and puts them away in the renewed sticking bridge. This bridge ensures that each cutting ends up at the correct length and straight into the bridge and then inserts the cuttings into the medium.

The ISO Cutting Planter 4000 is available in the version for Chrysanthemum cuttings. If you have a different crop and are interested in automatic cuttings, please feel free to contact us to see what options are available.

Advantages of the ISO Cutting Planter 4000 2.0

  • Automatic cutting planting of Chrysanthemums
  • Constant high quality of planted cutting
  • Uniformity in planting depth
  • Improved working conditions
  • Easy to operate
  • Capacity of up to 3,600 cuttings per hour for chrysanthemums
  • Scalable for higher capacities
  • One operator can operate seven machines  
  • High reliability
  • Low maintenance costs
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