ISO Cutting Planter 2500

The ISO Cutting Planter 2500 automates the manually heavy and monotonous work of sticking cuttings.

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ISO Cutting and Planting 1800

With the ISO Cutting and Planting 1800 manually cutting and sticking out of a rose branches is not necessary anymore.

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ISO Cutting Planter 4000

The heavy and monotonous work of sticking cuttings is a thing of the past.

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ISO VisionPlanter

A machine which transplants and fixes in the trays in one motion.

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ISO Grade 7000

Automates the sorting of young plants while picking them up just once.

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ISO Graft 1100

A machine which collects data about young plants.

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ISO Graft 1200

The ISO Graft 1200 grafts young vegetable plants with a robot arm which means it can be operated by one person.

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ISO PlantSampler

The ISO Plantsampler automates the gathering of DNA material.

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ISO 3D Sorter

With the ISO 3D Sorter it is possible to sort plants based on a 3D image.

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ISO DataGenerator

The machine who gathers data about young plants.

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A fully automated soil block planting machine who is used mainly in the chrysanthemum industry.

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ISO MegaFlowerBuffer

Gives the cutflower grower flexibility by the packing and sorting of bunches cut flowers.

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ISO Robot Plug Planting Machine

The ISO Robot Plug Planting machine is a machine for planting of small plant plugs from out of a seedling tray directly into the ground.

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ISO Cutting and TransPlanter

The ISO Cutting and TransPlanter offers the best of two worlds.

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ISO Bulb Planting System

The world's first machine that is able to plant bulbs automatically

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Sorter and Planter - picture.jpg

ISO Sorter and Planter Machine

The ISO Sorter and Planter machine is a machine that has the ability to sort young unrooted cuttings before sticking.

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ISO Grade 8000.jpg

ISO Grade 8000

The ISO Grade 8000 has the ability to sort young plants based on a 3D model.

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ISO Graft Semi 1500

The ISO Graft Semi 1500 helps with the intensive task of grafting. The machines cuts the rootstock of the young vegetable plant and places the clip onto the rootstock. 

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