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ISO Bulb Planting System

The ISO Bulb Planting System is a system that helps the Tulip grower automate the planting of bulbs.

Manually planting bulbs is something of the past now the ISO Bulb Planting System of ISO Group is available.

Together with the ingenieus artificial intelligence software the ISO Bulb Planting System is capable of finding the sprout of the bulb to make sure the bulb is planted in the right way for optimal growth. 

The specially designed planting mechanism helps the grower to plant the bulbs in the right pattern in the crate. The logistics which the ISO Group also designs will be adjusted in such a way that the ISO Bulb Planting System adaps to the growers' current system. This will help the grower to optimize the planting area and will save labor costs not only on planting but also on the logistics of the bulb crates towards the greenhouse.

The ISO Bulb Planting System is a unique system because it is able to automate a very labor intensive job, creates a higher capacity per employee, is easy to operate and guarantees a constant quality of planting.

Advantages of the ISO Bulb Planting System

  • Saves labour, the machine is able to plant up to 10.000 bulbs per hour (with 4 robots)
  • Can easily be operated by one person
  • The bulb is planted in such a way that it fits in the used crate and without doing any harm to the bulbs
  • Multiple varieties can be planted
  • Possibility to check and control the planted bulbs
  • Possibility to adjust the plant pattern
  • Uniform planted bulbs
  • Low maintenance cost.
  • Easy to handle and to operate
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