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ISO Graft Semi 1500 machine

The grafting process is a difficult and delicate process when growing young (vegetable) plants.

 The ISO Graft Semi 1500 machine helps you with this difficult process. The machine will help you place the grafting clip on the rootstock. The machine cuts the rootstock the way you want it and then the clip is automatically placed on the rootstock.

 The supply and removal of trays is fully automated in the set-up. For example, an employee can operate several machines and the basis of grafting is automated in such a way that placing the graft on the rootstock takes less work and can be done more efficiently than if the entire process is performed manually.

Advantages of the ISO Graft Semi 1500

  • Automatic pre-cutting of the young rootstock plants
  • Constant high quality cutted rootstocks
  • High uniformity of the grafting process
  • Imporved labor circumstances
  • Easy to operate
  • Capacity up to 1.500 clips per hour for young vegetable plants
  • Scalable for higher capacities
  • One operator can operate up to 4 machines
  • High reliability
  • Low maintenance costs
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