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ISO Graft 1100

Maintaining consistently high quality grafted plants increases reliability of delivery and reduces failure costs. The ISO Graft 1100 is the ideal grafting solution if there is not much automation in the cultivation process as yet. As a new relative of the ISO Graft 1200, the ISO Graft 1100 offers the same advantages with the important difference that two people operate the grafting machine in this case.

The Graft ISO 1100 gives you more control over the grafting process. Cut at the same angle, the scion and rootstock fit perfectly, which stimulates union. The simple blade change over function and the ability to disinfect with steam reduce the risk of bacterial propagation. Two persons operate the machine. The rootstocks are placed by the first person in a carrousel. This person also takes the grafted plants out of the carrousel and places them in the tray. The second person hangs the scions in the machine. Simplicity and hygiene are the criteria governing the design of the ISO Graft 1100.

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Advantages of the ISO Graft 1100

  • Constant high quality
  • Uniformity
  • Equal cutting angle of scion and rootstock
  • Possible to cut straight or at an angle
  • All stable plugs can be used
  • Easy to operate
  • Easy maintenance
  • High capacity of up to 1,000 grafts per hour
  • Operated by two persons
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