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ISO MegaFlowerBuffer

The MegaFlowerBuffer developed by ISO Group provides flexibility when harvesting, grading and bunching cut flowers. The MegaFlowerBuffer is a flower buffer for harvested cut flowers which are conveyed after the harvest by means of a direct internal transport system to the grading and bunching machine. The buffer stands in-between the harvesting machine and the grading and bunching machine, which allows you to maximize the performance of the harvesting machine as well as that of the grading and bunching machine.

De The MegaFlowerBuffer belongs in the processing area. The buffer stores 100 to 200 bunches of flowers. The harvested flowers can be retrieved undamaged from the MegaFlowerBuffer when the supply from the greenhouse stagnates. The MegaFlowerBuffer is a stand-alone product that fits behind all flower processing machines. The MegaFlowerBuffer is typically sold to growers of chrysanthemums and lilies.

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The advantages of the MegaFlowerBuffer

  • Maximum performance of harvesting machine and grading and bunching machine
  • Flexibility in the work
  • Can be used with any make of flower processing machine
  • Storage of up to 200 bunches of flowers
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