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ISO PlantSampler

The ISO Plantsampler automates the gathering of DNA material. In the germination process it is crucial to know the DNA profile of new varieties. Till now DNA material has been gathered by manually taking leaf-samples of a plant and analyze these with DNA sequencers.

The ISO Plantsampler automates this process by taking samples from a leave of a seedling and gather these on a microtiterplate. This prevents making human mistakes when taking samples manually.

Another advantage is the possibility to work in a very clean and disinfecting manner because no human interference is needed to supply plants or microtiter plates. The sampling tool can be cleaned whenever needed. Beside the sampling the ISO PlantSampler is also able to gather data about the plants.

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Advantages of the ISO PlantSampler

  • Makes the sampling process a more controllable process
  • More control over infection free sampling
  • 100% success rate on sampling
  • No human mistakes
  • The possibility to gather data of plants
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