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ISO Robot Plug Planting Machine

The ISO Robot Plug Planting machine is a machine for planting of small plant plugs from out of a seedling tray directly into the ground.

The planting of the plugs will be done with robot arms. The plant plugs will be taken out of the seedling tray with an ingenious gripper and placed directly into the ground right in the middle of the maze.

During the movement from out of the tray towards the ground the gripper decides where the plug will and can be planted. The gripper takes into account that the plug will not be placed onto the maze or onto the tubes. The gripper is equipped with sensors and camera’s which will make sure that the plugs are planted correctly and straight into the maze without doing any harm to the plug, the plant or the roots of the plant.
With the result of uniform planting and consistent plant depth. 

The amount of robots can be adjusted to the wished capacity and the size of the greenhouse. The ISO Robot Plug Planting Machine characterizes itself by automating labor intensive work, a constant capacity, high uniformity and good plant conditions.

Advantages of the ISO Robot Plug Planting Machine

  • Saves labour, the machine is able to plant up to 18.000 plugs per hour (with 3 robots)
  • Can easily be operated by one person
  • The plug can be placed directly into the full ground without doing any harm to the plug, the plant or the roots
  • Multiple varieties can be planted at the same time
  • Possibility to check and control the planted plugs
  • Possibility to adjust the plant pattern
  • Uniform planted plugs
  • Low maintenance cost.
  • Easy to handle and to operate
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