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ISO Sorter and Planting machine

The ISO Sorter and Planter machine is the latest automatic cutting stitching machine from ISO Group. The machine automates the heavy monotonous manual work of planting unrooted cuttings, but at the same time the machine sorts each cutting by size or other characteristics. In this way the ISO Sorter and Planter machine generates a uniform tray in addition to a uniform planting result.

Each cutting is viewed and sorted based on size or other characteristics with the result that there is a uniform tray for further processing. In this way each unrooted cuttings is placed in the correct tray at the correct size. Due to to the self-learning vision software of Robovision, cuttings from many crops can be planted within a short time.

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Advantages of the ISO Sorter and Planting machine

  • Automatic cutting planting of various types of cuttings from a large variety of plants
  • Constant high quality of planted cutting
  • Uniformity in planting depth
  • Sorts the unrooted cuttings on several plant and cutting specifications
  • Flexible use for different media (soil and plugs)
  • Flexible use for different carriers (trays)
  • Programming option for various planting patterns
  • Improved working conditions
  • Easy to operate
  • Capacity of up to 2,500 cuttings per hour, depending on the cutting characteristics
  • Scalable for higher capacities
  • High reliability
  • Low maintenance costs
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