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The RoBoPlant makes manual planting of chrysanthemums a thing of the past; a fully automatic peat blocks planting machine, it is most popular among growers of chrysanthemums. The machine automatically takes peat blocks out of the boxes, separates them and plants them in the chosen pattern into the holes of the hoist netting.

In addition to reducing the work load, the fully automatic planting machine delivers a high, uniform plant quality. Growth is improved and more even as a result, which maximizes the return on your crop. Moreover, the even growth facilitates the harvest work. It is also for this reason that lower amounts of plant protection products are required during cultivation.

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Advantages of the RoBoPlant

  • Improvement of working conditions
  • More uniform planting
  • More even growth because all plants are planted with the same force
  • Lower plant costs
  • Easier harvesting with the harvesting machine
  • Capacity of 21,000 meshes per hour (if 3 beds are planted at the same time)

As an option, the RoBoPlant may be expanded with the Trianum-G spreader, a gangway, empty pots detection and an analogous pressure drop control system.

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