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ISO Group wederom genomnieerd voor GreenTech Innovation Award

PBF_HighRes_Bollenmachine-ISOGroup-36.jpg10 May ISO Group is zeer blij aan te kunnen kondigen dat met de ISO Bulb Planting System er wederom een nominatie voor GreenTech Innovation Award is verkregen.
Dit maal met de ISO Bulb Planting System een samenwerking met Robovision, die het mogelijk maakt tulpenbollen automatisch te planten. full story

ISO Group wins Technolgy of the Year award at Cultivate '18

IMG_6724.JPG04 Sep ISO Group won the award with the ISO Cutting Planter 2500 machine. It was the first time the award was introduced for suppliers of technologies for the greenhouse industry. The ISO Group was nominated with 4 other companies and was very pleased to go home with the award. “We continue to look for new ideas from growers and to help them find the solutions they need,” said Raymond van den Berg of ISO Group in accepting the award.
With the ISO Cutting Planter 2500, one person can operate seven machines, which significantly increases work performance. In the process, the ISO Cutting Planter plants every cutting at the same depth, giving the planting perfect uniformity as a result. full story

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