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ISO Group wins GreenTech Innovation Award with the ISO Grade 8000 machine

IA_Winner_Innovation_2020.jpg23 Oct

During the opening ceremony of the GreenTech 2020, the ISO Grade 8000, the latest machine from the ISO Group, was voted the most unique, high-tech and technically advanced innovation in the horticultural sector. The election, held annually by the GreenTech, is a prestigious award that demonstrates the innovative character of the horticultural sector.

The ISO Grade 8000 machine works with artificial intelligence and uses 3D imaging. With the latest techniques thanks to AI, the grower is able to sort on many different properties of the plant, making the sorting process much more accurate and with a unique gripping technique it is possible to pick up young plants and place them back in an empty tray. the jury that speaks of an "impressive combination of technology".

ISO Group is of course very happy with the award and it shows that ISO Group is ahead of the curve in the field of camera techniques, robotisation and the use of the latest Artificial Intelligence software.

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