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For the vegetable industry the ISO Group mainly offers solutions for young plants. We offer solutions for propagators and breeding companies in the vegetable industry.

With the ISO Grafting machines the grafting process can be automated. With the ISO PlantSampler it is possible to sample young vegetable plants automatically to avoid human mistakes in the sampling process. Also offers ISO Group solutions to grade young plants and camera and grading solutions to sort young plants and gather data of young plants.

Other sectors


Cut flowers

Especially in the Cut chrysantenmum industry the ISO Group is a well know name.

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Tree nurseries

With the ISO Group Cutting Planter 2500 Met de stekstekers kunt u uw stekken en jonge bomen recht en uniform steken.

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In the vegetable industry ISO Group offers solutions for mainly young plants and breeding companies.

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Potted plants

The ISO Group offers solutions for pot plant growers in sorting, sticking and transplanting (young) pot plants.

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